In today’s post I will be talking about how to set up an exit popup in less than 10 minutes for FREE.

Firstly, let’s clarify:


What is an exit popup?

Have you ever come across a popup that suddenly comes up just as you are trying to leave the site? You might be aiming for the BACK button or might be trying to open a new tab. But before you have a chance to that, a new popup window comes up asking you to fill out your email address in exchange for something you might find valuable, for instance, a free report or an ebook.

Or, the popup can be simply asking you to subscribe to their newsletter. Like the one we have on our site:




Sounds familiar?

The reason why websites use the exit popup is that it is their last chance to capture your attention before you leave their site.

It is a simple but very powerful lead generation and email list building technique.

Today I will show you how to easily set up the exit popup, just like the one we have on our website, on your own WordPress site,

We will be using a plugin called SumoMe.

SumoMe offers a range of tools to help you grow your email list. There are dozens of ways how you can ask your website visitors for their email address. The exit popup is just one of them.

To create your popup you will need to create an account with Sumo Me and install the free Sumo Me WordPress plugin on your site. Just head to and follow their instructions.

Once your plugin is activated, go to your Dashboard. Click on My Apps.




Choose List Builder under the FORMS in the left menu.

Then click on the green button ‘Create New Form’ in the top right corner.


Step 1. Goal

Now you need to choose your goal. Why are you creating this popup? In our case, our goal is to collect email addresses and grow our email list. Let’s choose the first option. There are some other very useful options that you can explore on your own.


Step 2. Form Type

The next step is to choose your form type.

In our case, we are choosing popup.


Step 3. Design

Then we need to decide about the design of our popup. Sumome offers a default design for free. You can still customise the text and the colours to match your brand. However, if you would like to use one of their more sophisticated designs, you will need to choose one of their paid plans to activate the other design options.

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You can choose the size of the window, animation and how the popup will look after someone submits their email address – you need to click through to the tab called ‘Success’ to customise the look.


Step 4. Visibility

The next step is to determine popups visibility, or in other words, when the popup comes up.

It is in this area where you need to specify to show your popup when visitors are leaving.  Just specify how much time needs to pass before the pop us shows up if a visitor has already seen your popup.

You can also add some rules about when and where to show or don’t show your popup. For instance, you can disable your popup on mobile devices by adding a new rule.


Step 5. Success

In the next section, you can set up an automated email responder that will send an email after a user subscribes to your popup. You can also set up a redirection to a thank you page, which is always very helpful if you want to retarget people that visited your thank you page.


Step 6. Connect to email service

And the last step is to connect your popup to an email service of your choice. This will automate adding your new subscribers to your selected email list and add them to your automated email series if you have one.

And that’s it. You are all set! You can now push your popup live!