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Want to sell more in 2018?

Multiply your sales & leads with highly-targeted and cost-effective Facebook ads.

Have you tried Facebook ads before but are tired of trying to figure it out yourself? Let us take the whole thing off your hands and create Facebook ad campaigns that convert and deliver measurable results!

– Highly-experienced, Melbourne-based team

– Setup in 24 hours

New Year’s Special:

Now you can save 50% on your Facebook Ads package. Book now and get the Professional package for the price of the Starter package!

What is the difference?

We can target your past customers, your website visitors and people who are similar to your past customers – this targeting is much more effective than the traditional interest-based targeting.

This type of targeting is only included in the Professional and Advanced ‘Facebook Ads Done for You’ packages. Take advantage of our New Year’s Special and access it for HALF PRICE!

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Facebook Ads Done For You

Whether you are a local brick-and-mortar store, a lead-generation business or an e-commerce store, Facebook advertising can help you EXPLODE your sales by utilising the power of highly-targeted ads. With our “Facebook Ads Done For You” Monthly Packages, it becomes as easy as pie!

Harness the Power of Facebook Advertising 

Facebook may primarily be a social networking platform, but it is also one of the most powerful advertising platforms ever created.

16 million Australians are logging on to Facebook each and every day. Are you ready to harness the power and reach of Facebook to grow your business?

It may be time for you to stop using yesterday’s advertising strategies in favour of something that will get you the results you’re seeking…

…faster and cheaper!

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Be Where Your Customers Are

Market your business right on your prospect’s mobile device as they browse on Facebook.

Be Seen Right in Your Neighbourhood or Target Area

Become a household name for your specific niche in your target area by targeting specifically people that meet your criteria.

Guaranteed Reach

With our program, you’ll know your ads will be seen by the right people in your area.

What are you waiting for? Hurry before your competitors beat you to it.


Strategy Development

Let’s have a chat to get the ball rolling. In coming up with a custom Facebook strategy we would want to learn about your business, know what products and/or services you’re selling, who your audience is and what your “sticking points” are.

We will then develop a custom strategy for a Facebook ad campaign to reach your ideal audience, maximise leads and ultimately turn them into paying customers. As a new client, we would offer this FREE of charge.


Once you’ve decided to move forward, we’ll work on designing your direct response Facebook ads to drive qualified traffic, leads and sales within 7 days.

We will formulate a strategy that will target the audience you want according to gender, age, interests and location. This type of information is based on which Facebook pages and posts these users have “liked” in the past as well as other data. While we handle the ad campaign, your job will be to take care of all your new customers.

Continuous Growth

Now that you’ve succeeded with your first Facebook ad campaign, you’ll continue expanding your reach while building brand awareness with more targeted ad campaigns. The performance data will be put under the microscope and will be scrutinised in order to analyse what works the best for YOUR particular business.

Your campaign will never be static but rather constantly evolving. Our approach to continuous improvement will ensure that YOUR business will stay ahead of the game.

Our Brand Experience:

'Facebook Ads Done For You' Pricing

Every business is different, so we try to work with each client to find a payment solution that works best for them and their business.

We offer two different payment models: monthly retainer rate and performance-based model.

Our performance-based structure is very popular. To start with this payment model, we do require that a validated sales funnel is already in place. 

New to Facebook advertising? Don't worry. We will build your sales funnel for a fee. This is like us building you a rocket to get to the moon!

Then we spend two months validating and optimising your funnel at an agency retainer rate. After this period, we can then switch to the performance-based payment model and see your business fly!


Performance-Based Pricing


Don't want to pay an upfront agency fee?

You don't pay us until you make money. Sounds too good to be true? This is how it works:

You pay a set percentage of gross monthly revenue generated from our Facebook advertising activity or an agreed amount per lead. Simple.
This is a fantastic way to see results. We work harder to smash your goals so that we both get paid more! You will know that your Facebook advertising agency is doing all it can to make your business grow.

Good for you and good for us.

If this is something you would like to explore further, book your FREE strategy call to see if we can work together and add some extra zeros to your income!



Monthly Retainer Packages:


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  • 1 Facebook Campaign
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Increase Awareness in Your Neighbourhood
  • Showcase Your Services or Menu
  • Recommended minimum daily advertising spend is $5 - $10 a day.
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Get a Quote
  • Up to 5 Facebook Campaigns
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Facebook Ads Tracking
  • Create Custom Audience From Existing List (e.g. Customer Database, Newsletter Email List, etc.)
  • Retargeting Campaign (targeting your website visitors)
  • Create Look-A-Like Audience from other Custom Audiences
  • Audit of Your Existing Sales Funnel
  • Landing Page Creation (if required)
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Advanced Ad Level UTM Tracking
  • Recommended minimum daily advertising spend is $50+ a day.
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