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Welcome to Successful Woman.

A social media agency specialising in Facebook ads and Messenger chatbots.

We specialise in working with lead generation businesses that sell high-value products or services ($1,000+ average sales value) and usually have a longer buying cycle.

Our team is made up of a few smart cookies, including our very own Facebook Ads Strategist (our CEO, Paula Bulakova), a direct-response copywriting genius, and a conversion optimisation specialist – so we offer you the full package in a, well – very small package!

Our motto is ‘Love what you do & do what you love! and the truth is we simply love what we do! Facebook ads are our passion and we love the feeling of beating the previous ‘campaign performance record’.

We understand your concerns and your needs – and we will never gamble with your trust, or with our reputation. We’re very grateful for all the big brands we’ve had the pleasure to work with so far and our promise to you is that we will NEVER make you an empty promise – if we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll still give you our honest opinion.

What this means is that our team has a simple and clearly defined goal here – helping companies generate more revenue through Facebook ads. That’s it.

We are 100% hands-on, cutting out the middleman so we can guarantee a level of quality.

It’s so common to be sold something by a salesperson who has nothing to do with the end result, meaning they might over-promise and under-deliver. You’ll only ever be talking to ONE PERSON, the person that does the work, so you’ll always know exactly what to expect.

We always strive to over-deliver and under-promise. So far it has worked quite well for us, and we are not about to change that.

Here’s to your success!


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